Bardstown Road was strangely quiet, the sky was overcast, and the air was warm. As we stopped to take photos in all the interesting nooks & crannies along the way, we got to hear Lucas and Corey's story. How they hailed from two opposite ends of the country, how it took Papua New Guinea for them to meet, and how quickly they fell in love.

After we parted ways, Portugal and I couldn’t help but reminisce on our long-distance days. We empathized SO hard with that simultaneous melancholy and joy of getting to see each other in short bursts of time. As sad as we were that they were having to part ways right after getting engaged, we both knew from experience that Luc & Corey’s love would only grow stronger because of the long trips back and forth throughout the year… and before long they would finally be married.

Lucas and Corey's engagement session

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