We're Shelley + Portugal, Nashville Wedding Photographers & Videographers.

Before we were wedding photographers, we were just two kids crazy in love. We met on Instagram and fell in love over FaceTime. A shared interest in roadkill portraiture is what brought us together (it’s a funny story), but what compelled us to exchange numbers and talk every day for 3 months was the fact that we were both seeking the same things out of life.

shelley       portugal!

(and it absolutely goes against every warning from our parents against Internet stranger danger) but from the very start, we knew we wanted to do life together, forever. Despite the “what-ifs” and the long-distance logistics, we said yes. And in saying yes to something we couldn’t fully comprehend, we were unknowingly saying "yes" to a life full of adventure together.

Nothing about our story is conventional

Our Story

...To say “yes” to more unknowns, because even though we can’t be sure of what’s to come, we know it’s BOUND to be worth it.

...To embrace people + hear their stories. To capture both the bold and loud moments as much as the quiet, in-between ones.

About Us

A recurring theme in our life together is that even though the world can be a dark and ugly place, good things can be found where you least expect them... and It’s usually beneath the surface. maybe for us, photography is a means to an end—to DIG DEEP FOR that truth & capture it the best we can...


The Portugals, est. 2016

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The cool thing about being your wedding photographers is that we’re gonna spend a LOT of time together. We find so much joy in getting to know you and becoming friends through the process. That way, when we show up on your wedding day, we’re not just "the photographers” — we’re Shelley + Portugal! This trust allows us to get the best photos possible on your wedding day… Photos that reflect who you truly are and what you represent. Sound like what you're looking for?

What makes us different



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