We'd imagine that your wedding day still feels like a far-off, vague concept. It's hard to picture all the elements coming together, all the love that will surround you, and just how special even the little moments will feel. Decades from now, all that will remain are the images that were made. So as you consider who to invite into your lives to document this day, take some time to imagine what it will feel like flipping through your wedding album in 50 years. Think about the emotions you hope to feel soaking in those images, and the faces and moments you hope to see preserved in the frames. It's all too precious to leave in the hands of anyone but photographers who care about documenting your day with intention & passion.

Before we chat about DETAILS,
let's chat about you.


Beyond our 10+ years of experience documenting weddings, we work hard to bring serve you far beyond simply showing up to your wedding with cameras. Our goal is to connect with the people right in front of us, to accept them and love them fully as they are. This connection & trust allows for honest, unplanned beautiful images to naturally unfold. These moments happen in the blink of an eye, and we LIVE to hunt them down. 


We firmly believe that connecting with each of our couples on a personal level is essential to telling your story well. This is why we love getting to know you before the big day, and why an engagement session is included with every package. This means that we're not just “the photographers” when we show up to your wedding - we’re your friends, Shelley + Portugal! 


We love that our clients trust us to tell their story candidly from our perspective. We’re also pros at putting together timelines, commanding a crowd, ensuring family photos run smoothly, and making sure all the details you’ve poured your heart into get documented along the way. Our primary goal for your wedding day is that you'd be present for all of it, knowing and trusting that your photographers are capturing it all beautifully.


Our style might be described as "non-traditional," but we think tradition wins when it comes to digital vs. print. We're firm believers that Facebook isn't the final destination for your images. Ordering prints & canvases directly through your online photo gallery makes it easy to get your images into your home, but our favorite way is with your wedding album.

And finally,

The Nitty Gritty

Golden hour

Dinnertime... and CAKE

Getting creative when it rains

PDA, happy tears,
double-chin laughs

Insane reception dance parties

Our favorite things about shooting weddings

"Don't hesitate. Just book. Shelley and Portugal did an outstanding job making us feel comfortable the way we are. We are not models, we are not influencers. It felt less like a photo shoot and more like hanging with friends who happen to have a camera in their hands. They're so kind, approachable, relatable...not to mention, crazy creative."

Christina + Aaron

"I wish I could give Shelley and Portugal more than 5 stars. They captured our day perfectly. Their work far exceeded any expectation I had. They cared as much about our day and capturing every moment as we did."

Megan + JD

“Shelley + Portugal offered just the right amount of guidance, so that we were eased through some of the more posed photos and portraits, and their candids captured the spirit and the feeling of our day perfectly. They were kind, fun to work with, and blended right in with our guests. As a wife-and-husband team you can tell they love what they do, and are so in sync with one another.”

Natalie + Mikus

"Their passion for capturing quiet moments, love, and their service towards others is incomparable. In a business where people are not always put over profit, you will not ever have to worry about coming second if you choose Shelley + Portugal as your wedding photographers and/or videographers. "


“Not only are they creative and so so talented, but they are exceptional human beings. They even came early for our destination wedding, spent time hiking with us and our friends, and had lunch with our family. By the time our wedding day came, they felt more like friends to us! Working with them was hands down the best decision we made when planning our wedding.”

Taylor + Chris

Frequently Asked Q's

This is so, so worth it.

so please don't settle for less than photographers who understand what truly matters - photographers who care about you as friends, and who do WAY more than just take pictures at your wedding, 

This may be the only day in you entire life when all of your family and friends are gathered in one place together. We can't quite explain the feeling of it, but 'surreal' comes close. And photography is only way to immortalize the way it felt.

Before inquiring, we highly recommend checking out our FAQs page. Chances are if you have any pressing questions, they’re answered there!

You won't get this day back, 

We take on a limited number of weddings each year in order to serve our couples in the best way possible. Because getting to know our clients is so important to us, we love to start the process by connecting via email and making sure we're the best fit to serve you. Click below for the inquiry form and tell us a little more about you two and your hopes for your wedding day. If we are available on your date, we'll set up a time to chat to hear more about your wedding and share our package offerings. Once we've had a chance to talk, all we'll need to reserve your date is a signed contract & 50% retainer - after that, the fun can begin!


then scoot on over to the contact page and get in touch

“okay, We NEED Shelley + Portugal to be part of our day”

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