When I was in middle school, MySpace was the place to be. There was nothing more exciting than seeing the “Picture Comment” notifications after uploading a streak of awkward group pics from the school dance.

As embarrassing as I’m sure those photos would seem to me now, I would truly give ANYTHING to see them again. But as we know, MySpace tragically shut down without warning, and with it all of the hilarious, amazing documentation of my adolescence. Since then, we’ve simply moved onto other social media outlets. Instead of awkward selfies with cringey “rAwR” captions, we’re now sharing our life’s biggest moments: weddings, engagements, even our babies’ milestones. The internet has provided an unprecedented avenue for sharing these memories and snapshots with each other with a simple “click” … but, I still can’t help but think of MySpace.

If MySpace taught us anything, it’s that the Internet isn’t permanent. And it’s sure as hell not the place to store and secure your life’s memories.

Because wedding photography is one of the most important investments of your lifetime, your wedding photos deserve a permanent, secure place to live. A place where they will be forever immortalized with crystal-clear clarity, with the whole story laid out from start to finish. Something that will stand the test of time and survive generations upon generations after you’re gone. The most secure, timeless, perfect place for your wedding photos … is in an heirloom album. 

Wedding albums are timeless. They’re timeless in a way that the digital world and social media are not. These platforms are notoriously unreliable, and not the formats to trust with your wedding photos for the years to come. Wedding albums are the antithesis to the fleeting, ever-evolving world of the internet. They’re sturdy, secure, timeless… And they quickly become family heirlooms, proudly cherished and passed down for decades upon decades. Photos can outlive us and carry on our legacy, but only when we give them a proper vessel to stand the test of time.

So by all means, enjoy and share your digital photos — but know that this isn’t the final step! As wedding photographers, we don’t consider our job to be done until we provide our couples with the best printing solution that works for them. We offer classic photo prints, enlargements, and wall art like framed canvases — but albums are our most popular option by a long shot. An album allows you to preserve the best of the best images from your wedding day in a narrative story-form (which is ideal for the natural & documentary style in which we photograph) The albums that we offer to our couples are built to last for hundreds of years with the proper care and storage, and they’re durable enough to be passed around and flipped through over and over again. And just because something is timeless doesn’t mean it has to be old-fashioned — our albums come in countless customization options ranging from metallic gold calligraphy on the cover to modern leather binding. No two albums look the same, because each one is customized to fit each couples’ unique vision and style.

⁠Maybe you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, “I still don’t think we need an album. Will we ever look at it?” But consider this… Does sharing a Facebook album full of low-res, pixelated wedding photos come anywhere close to the experience of sharing your physical wedding album with your loved ones? There is nothing better than bonding over physical photographs, leaning over the album together, pointing at favorite images and belly-laughing as you reminisce over the story behind an image. Or maybe, remembering the ones who have since passed on, with a heart full of gratitude that they are forever immortalized in the storybook of your wedding day.

In summary, there is really just one thing we want you to take away from this article… When you let priceless images from your wedding day live and die on your computer, the investment that you made in beautiful photography falls short of its full potential.⁠ Photos are meant to be printed — digital sharing is convenient and fun, but it doesn’t come close to the impact of printed photographs (especially when there is no guarantee they will still be available in 10 years).

If you’re an engaged couple, be sure to ask the wedding photographers you interview about the options they offer for preserving your photos for the years to come. Not all photographers offer professional albums, and it’s important to find out what options, if any, are available to you before you book. We’ve made it our personal goal to ensure every one of our couples knows that they can get their wedding album into their hands two months after their wedding day, at the earliest. To make this possible, we do all the heavy lifting by picking out the best images, designing the spreads to tell your whole story, and walking you through the revision/customization process. Our three-step album process is simple and collaborative, focused on creating an album that genuinely reflects who you are and what matters most to you. We truly consider it one of the most important aspects of our job to ensure that your images are being enjoyed the way they were always meant to be. It is our gift to you and your family by helping to preserve your legacy for the years to come.

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