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He fidgeted with his shirt sleeves while facing the wall. As shuffling footsteps approached behind him, he straightened his posture and shook out the sleeves of his jacket to fold his hands together in front of him. A tap on his shoulder, and there she was – Lauren & Isaac beheld each other with wide-open smiles and stars in their eyes. Their first look together on their wedding day gave them a private reprieve from the bustling activity inside the venue. And as we watched Lauren twirl out her dress to show Isaac, and Isaac pull her in for a fifth hug, we couldn’t help but smile at each other because we could see their hearts in that moment.

Lauren & Isaac’s wedding day was everything they wanted it to be and nothing they didn’t. Planning a wedding in 2021 was almost as hard as planning one in 2020, but, always the silver-lining-seeker, Lauren remained grounded and grateful through every twist the year threw at them. And I firmly believe that’s why in almost every photo we snapped of Lauren that day, she has a smile on her face – present, grateful, joyful that the day she got to marry her love had finally come. And Isaac (ever the stoic) couldn’t seem to keep the smile off of his face either – not when he was with Lauren!

Enjoy some of our favorites from this intentional, thoughtful, joyful day at The Refinery North in Louisville.



  1. Lauren says:

    Thank you for being oh so wonderful 🙂 This blog is amazing I’m so grateful to you both for working magic on our wedding day!!

  2. Barb says:

    Such a beautiful, wonderful wedding! And the pictures are as special to look at today as they were in 2021!!
    Thank you Shelley and Portugal for capturing Lauren and Isaac’s love so perfectly ❤️

    • Barb thank you so much – we are so grateful to have been part of this incredibly special day! We hope you love looking back at the photos for many many more years to come!!

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