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Last January, we received an inquiry email from Jake about his upcoming wedding to Ansley. We knew from that first email that Jake and Ansley were good people who had something really special. As the story goes… Jake, being close friends with Ansley’s older brother, frequently spent the night at Ansley’s family’s house growing up. Being the only teenage boy in the basement who woke up before noon, he got to know her and her family over the years over pancake breakfasts at their kitchen island. But as Jake puts it, the two of them were “background characters” in each other’s stories for ten years or so (and as Ansley puts it, Jake was always there; she just had to look downstairs).

It was when Ansley moved back to Cincinnati after graduating from University of Louisville that their story together really began. And after three years together, they decided it was time to take the next step into marriage together. We were so honored that they asked us to take the journey with them and document the celebration. From our first meeting in Cincinnati for their engagement photos (that turned into a late night hang at the brewery with Chinese takeout), our suspicions were confirmed that Jake and Ansley were as wonderful as we thought they would be. Their love feels decades-old and completely effortless, and they have an incredible knack for making anyone feel like a friend (and after getting to spend time with their friends and family during their wedding weekend, we quickly saw where Jake and Ansley get that trait from.)

This long-awaited wedding day (and what felt like our first “normal” wedding post-pandemic) did not disappoint. Enjoy some of our favorite images from Ansley & Jake’s garden wedding in Charlotte, North Carolina.



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