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When there isn’t anything immediate or pressing to talk about and we’re simply enjoying each other’s company, our dialogue often leads us to marvel at the miraculous happenstance of life. Leave it to a long car ride to bring out the questions like: “What if we hadn’t crossed paths on Instagram like we did?” “What if you hadn’t gone to school for photojournalism?” “What if you had never experienced that past relationship, or met that one person? Where would we be now?” These what-ifs are some of our favorite thought-provoking topics of conversation, and Kacie & Ryan’s story definitely falls into this category of split-second chance. 

If we hadn’t met before COVID, I wouldn’t have met him. We had seen each other around campus, but I didn’t get to know him until we randomly ended up moving into apartments next to each other during the same week. He helped me move my bed into my apartment and I always joke and tell him he hung out a little too long after. We constantly talk about how unlikely it was that we chose the apartments we did. My roommate had asked me to move in with just two days to say yes or no, Ryan had wanted a balcony and completely overlooked it while signing the lease, and so on. Pure and fragile happenstance.”

After finding us through Instagram and booking us for their wedding in Toledo this May, Kacie & Ryan drove 4 hours and we drove 4 hours to meet in the middle – aka Cincinnati – for an engagement session during their winter break. By the end of our romp around Glenwood Gardens, we were belly-laughing over dinner and swapping stories at the dive bar down the street. We feel so lucky that our paths crossed with these two and that we get to be part of their wedding this summer in Ohio, and we’re thankful for their testament to that magic that is the pure & fragile happenstance of life.

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