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Going down to Jacksonville for Kelly + Matt’s wedding day was so refreshing, and not just because it was Florida in the late summertime. For one, Kelly + Matt are just amazing people who welcomed us right from the get-go. And for two, all of the people who led us to Kelly + Matt (we blame y’all most of all, Loren + Kyle ❤️) were there for the celebration as well. It never ceases to amaze how one connection can lead to another, so on and so on.

We’re so grateful for all the breadcrumbs that led Kelly + Matt to us, and even more grateful that we got to be a part of this MAGICAL whirlwind of a day. Between the super sweet, weepy ceremony, the dance-party-turned-house-show put on by Kelly’s brother’s band, and the classic car we got to high-jack for sunset photos, it’s hard to pinpoint just one favorite… So we’ve collected some of our favorite moments below — enjoy.



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