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When we first started working with Megan & JD, I don’t think we understood just how much we’d come to love them. And I’m not saying we thought they’d be hard to love or anything! We knew right off the bat that they were both cool as heck, fans of our work, and excited about their wedding (the most important things we look for in our clients, for sure). But over the course of the year we spent with them doing their engagement photos, planning their wedding day, and documenting their wedding, we just fell in LOVE with these two.

And you can probably tell why just by looking at their photos- they are some of the sweetest, most fun loving people we’ve ever met and their entire wedding day was just SO inspiring. The ceremony was hosted at St. Peter Catholic Church in Lexington, but everything else took place at Megan’s family home in Versailles… which, I feel the need to mention was TOTALLY haunted. I still get chills when I think about the story Megan told us about her childhood, when they came home one day to find a wooden chair had been smashed through the glass oven door… and apparently things like that were just commonplace for them growing up (lol???) See if you can spot the oil painting of the original owner of the home as you’re scrolling through these pics… crazy stuff.

I digress…! Hauntings aside, the historic property was the most perfect backdrop for their massive wedding celebration. We took almost all their portraits in the garden that Megan’s mom Margie has been tending to for decades, and Margie (who is a florist) also did all the arrangements and bouquets for the wedding. Megan & JD’s siblings were all in the wedding party along with their many nieces and nephews which definitely added to the “family centric” vibe of it all.

There’s so much more I could gush about when it comes to this amazing day… the fact that it was also Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding day… J.D. and the groomsmen stumbling upon a music video being filmed downtown and taking the funniest, most random group photos with all the models (great idea, Portugal)… and of course all the nods to their local Lexington roots (stopping at Belle’s with their wedding party to get cocktails before the reception, a full Kentucky bourbon collection for guests to enjoy, Goodfella’s Pizza delivered as a late night snack alongside Graeter’s Ice Cream cart…), I mean I really could go on. But I will let the photos speak for themselves from here on out!

Vendor shoutouts:
Christina Burton Events – Coordinator
Stems Florals (bride’s mom) – Florist
St. Peter’s Catholic Church & private property – Venues



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