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Bride with tattoos embraces groom under the veil.

So many perfect details came together to make Sarah + Dan’s wedding day; Sarah’s family coming to Florida from Missouri, photographing Sarah’s wedding dress surrounded by dried bouquets that Dan had given her over the years, Sarah’s brother and sister making the wedding cake… Every aspect of the wedding radiated with the love of serving hearts.

What made this day even more special for us was how beautifully *our* story has been interwoven with Sarah + Dan’s. Portugal and Sarah became friends while they were both living in Missouri. Portugal, a Florida native, is actually the one who encouraged Sarah to follow her heart and move to Florida like she had always dreamed of doing. When she finally decided to take the leap, Portugal helped her get settled and find a job at the coffeeshop he was working at.

Despite their strictly platonic brother/sister friendship, their boss Dan assumed that they were kinda “together” … When it got brought up in conversation, Portugal thought it was hilarious since he and Sarah were nothing more than really close friends. Then, in the same conversation, Portugal suggested that Dan ask Sarah out… and he DID.

The rest is history! And now you know that Portugal is just as good of a matchmaker as he is a photographer. 😉 Dan and Sarah started dating shortly after we did, and some of our first dates together were double dates with them. We got married in the same year, and we’ve watched each other grow in love over the seasons. These two compliment each other so well it’s scary, and we feel so honored and lucky that we got to document their wedding day as friends.


  • The light pouring into Sarah & Dan’s house while the girls got ready

  • Sarah’s dad soaking in every moment of the day

  • The rainstorm during the ceremony (it didn’t rain at all the rest of the day) followed by moody, windy beach portraits before the reception



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