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The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs has been on our “wedding photographer bucket list” for YEARS now, and when Morgan & John emailed us last year asking if we’d come shoot their wedding at the Ace, I literally couldn’t reply back quick enough. And little did we know that Morgan & John were actually two of the coolest, chillest people we would ever meet (throwback to their Atlanta engagement photos, when we literally walked around a cemetery for two hours and then ended up hanging out till after dark. If you know the vibes, you know the vibes!)

As much of a dream-come-true it was to shoot their wedding in the desert, we straight up had no idea what we were getting into. Morgan & John knew the importance of their wedding day, and Morgan & John’s family and friends came to CELEBRATE that. As excited as we were to take amazing pictures in the desert, we were both reminded of something we’ve always said… that PEOPLE are what make a place special, rather than the actual place itself. These two understand this concept one-hundred percent, and even though their wedding weekend was gorgeous and full of literal sunshine, the day was built around the things and the people that really mattered. Like Morgan’s mom, stepdad, dad, and stepmom all weeping together in the front row during the vows, cocktail hour running almost an hour long because the conversations were too good to stop, and everyone jumping in the pool at the end of the night (including Morgan’s dad – you go, Curt.) We hope we were able to capture that feeling of togetherness, because wow it was special.

It has been a total gift to get to know these guys as friends as they prepared for this dreamy day. Enjoy some photos we took!


VENUE: The Ace Hotel, Palm Springs

PLANNER: Dandelion Wishes Event Planning

FLORALS: Luna Design Studios

INVITES/SIGNAGE: Morgan Wren (bride)



  1. Caitlin says:

    Completely obsessed!! Such a beautiful job <3

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