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Bride and groom dressed in a pale green suit holding hands in front of white barn doors in Delray Beach, Florida.

Fun fact: Portugal and Felipe (aka “Flip”) grew up together! Their families have always been close. But Moanna came into the picture when she and Flip started talking over Twitter.

She was living in Brazil, and he was in Florida. He convinced her and her family to move to Florida (I think it’s safe to say he won them over… Hah!)  Even though they both really liked each other, they never really moved past the friendship stage… even after Moe literally moved to Florida per his suggestion!

Flip claims that Moe turned him down multiple times, but things took a turn when the two of them came to Kentucky for OUR wedding in 2016. While they were getting ready together, Moe finally realized that she did want to be with Flip, and she was annoyed that he had stopped asking her out (LOL). So she asked him if he was ever going to ask her out again, and he seized the opportunity to ask her right then and there.

Since then, they have become some of our closest friends and we are SO grateful for their friendship. They are caring, genuine, easy-going, and fun, and they make everyone feel like they belong. We’ve made a lot of great memories together, but being part of their wedding day takes the cake. 😉 Keep your eyes peeled for Portugal in these photos! He was one of the groomsmen!


  • Flip starting to cry before he even saw Moanna during their first look

  • Brazilian barbecue for dinner (

  • Moanna’s dad lighting everyone’s sparklers with a blow torch



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