Gallatin, TN

Backyard wedding reception in Nashville, Tennessee with farmhouse table, clear chairs, lanterns, string lights, and greenery.

I met Emilie in college when both of us were studying photojournalism. Shortly after that, she met Dan, a fly-fisherman, while on a photo assignment. On what has become known as “fishing day” among their loved ones, the two people who probably least expected to find love that fateful day did.

Their backyard wedding at their home together in Gallatin was such a beautiful culmination of their story. With 30 or so of their closest friends and family in attendance, Emilie + Dan committed their lives to one another under a tree in their backyard. I can’t think of any setting more perfect for their love.

Even during a small wedding like this, there’s still a tangible weight in the air of the love that surrounds a couple. Friends & family join hearts by witnessing the exchange of words and rings. It might “just be ceremonial,” but the heart of the couple always shines through… and especially on this day.

“Despite all our difference, love is what we share. No matter who we are, where we come from, what we believe, we know one thing: love is what we’re doing right.”



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