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There’s a whole lot I could say about Will & Dean and their wedding day, but I also feel like much of it is not my story to (verbally) tell- mostly because being invited to be part of this long awaited day felt like a massive privilege and honor for us. We always feel a great responsibility to capture wedding days well, but the weight felt especially prevalent on this day. Despite it being a casual Friday wedding with tasteful, relaxed decor, Will & Dean’s entire day felt like a sacred space, with only the most important people in their lives invited to step within the gates of East Ivy Mansion in Nashville to witness & celebrate their marriage.

On top of the sheer fact that they are two of the most loving, welcoming people I’ve ever met, so many other elements made their celebration feel special- the blending of their two cultures all throughout the ceremony (Will from Guam and Dean from Hawai’i), the formal outfit change before the reception, and their sweet doggies being part of it all made the whole day feel so personalized and tailored to who they are. And please don’t get me started on the ceremony, because I will probably start crying again… There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, and I will always smile when I think about the beaming smiles of Dean’s parents as they witnessed their son openly promise his life to Will.

After 17 years of commitment to one another, we were beyond honored to be able to capture this special day for Will & Dean. This one day spent with them taught me more about love than I can even say, and for that I am extremely grateful.



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