Bowling Green, KY

Classy black and white image at Ironwood in Bowling Green of bride wearing long veil standing in the road while the sun sets with the groom in the foreground.

Vanessa + Justin flew from China to get married in her hometown. They are probably two of the smartest, quickest people we’ve ever met, and we spent a good part of the day just laughing at their antics.

The event itself was gorgeous (shoutout to Ivory Grace Event Planning — the best around) but what stood out the most was their carefree attitude about it all. If they were ever bothered or worried about things going wrong, we could never tell. It was so sweet to see that a majority of the guests were at the venue long before the ceremony began, just to hang out & get ready together.

If your wedding day is an expression of your life together, then this day was goofy & carefree & lovely all at the same time — what a wonderful statement to make.



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