Bride wearing flower crown and open-back dress embraces groom wearing suspenders at Jonathan Dickinson state park in Jupiter, Florida.

For a few days, we weren’t sure JonLuc + Jackie’s wedding would happen. Hurricane Irma tore through South Florida just days before the wedding was set to take place. While we hoped for the best, we anxiously awaited a phone call from JonLuc and Jackie making the final call, and checked our email daily to see if our flight would be cancelled.

And just as quickly as it came on… all of a sudden, the skies opened up and the wedding was on. Despite the drastic change in the weather from torrential downpour to beautiful, sunny skies, Jonathan Dickinson State Park was a ghost town with all potential visitors scared off. The secluded state park made for the most surreal setting for their wedding day.

Picking a favorite part of this day would be extremely difficult… maybe it was the authentic Honduran food catered at the reception? (Y’all know we love good food.) Or the sweet, sweet pictures of JonLuc and Jackie over the years they had already spent together strung up around the pavilion? I think ultimately, the best part was the chance to explore the state park with the two of them after the ceremony. The park was quiet and we got to witness the most beautiful watercolor sunset. We climbed the watchtower and felt the leftover hurricane winds whip mightily around us, and witnessed these two soaking up every second of it.



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