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Michelle & Nathan have been together for 10 years and counting, and I could sense they wanted to keep things fun and easy for their engagement photos — nothing too fussy or expected. So when Michelle suggested the Kentucky State Fair, we were SO down.

We showed up to the fairgrounds on the *very* last day of the season, and proceeded to just hang out and do state fair stuff! Corn dogs, lemonade, winning prizes on the midway games (yes Nathan really did win that pink pig for Michelle on his first try!) Kind of lame that they wouldn’t let adults go on the carousel?? But at least they had an amazing view from the ferris wheel 🎡 (Portugal went up with them because I chickened out… but hey, someone had to stay on the ground⁠ for shots from below!)

It was such a *perfect* summer afternoon spent hanging out with these two and just having a good time. We loved simply capturing them in their element enjoying each other’s company, but it was also a fun challenge to make portraits of them with so many throngs of people walking around 🎪



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