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When I first got to talk to Elizabeth on the phone, we immediately bonded over our shared love of the local drag scene in Bowling Green and our excitement over her & John’s plans for a ~summer camp~ themed wedding this upcoming May. And when I learned that these two met while playing World of Warcraft online, I knew IMMEDIATELY this was going to be a perfect collaboration (I will always always be a gamer nerd at heart)!

It was also so apparent to me from the start that this is a couple who genuinely loves one another, and who’ve built a life together that centers the things that matter most to them. They strike a perfect balance together — Elizabeth is so bubbly & animated, while John is more quiet & stoic. I can’t even count the number of times during their engagement session when I noticed John just quietly smiling and admiring Elizabeth from the side, whether she was telling a funny story or listening to us give some posing guidance. Just the sweetest, most fun and down-to-earth couple.

We decided to do their engagement photos at Lost River Cave (a place they love going to hike) in order to catch the last views of all the fall colors, and finish our session at the Waffle House off of I-65 where they met for the first time in person. Unfortunately, this particular Waffle House was closed for renovation, but tell me we didn’t still get the most ICONIC sunset photos of them in the parking lot.

Enjoy some of our favorite images from their session! Cannot WAIT for their summer camp wedding in May!!



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